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palinpres.pngUnsurprisingly, Sarah Palin has a lot of people laughing not just at late night talk show monologues but also on the Internet. A currently anonymous copywriter and friends have put together this fun Palin as President web page where you can mouse over to get a view of what the world might be like with madame Palin as president after McCain is apparently out of the picture. It immediately went viral.
Monty Python’s John Cleese has a go at her on YouTube “…the truth is that Sarah Palin is no way good enough…to run the United States. Monty Python could have written this!”
And don’t forget Why Sarah Palin Should Sponsor Coca-Cola
An original ode to Sally P from a Brit: Build a Bridge to My Heart Sarah
Here’s Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, via Robert Gorell on Twitter
“Hey Sarah Palin”
Vlad and Boris: Song for Sarah at Funny or Die
McCain-Palin Rap!!! M.C. CAIN-Palin was the Choice
Hockey Mom for Obama
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