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Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo and many others are reporting that Republicans are harrassing registered Democratic voters with anti-Democratic repeated robocalls including repeat messages intended to annoy voters into not supporting their candidate of choice and misdirecting people to the wrong polling places.
Robocalls are pre-recorded, automated phone calls containing anti-Democratic political messages.
The calls initially sound like they’re coming from the Democratic candidates since they mention the Democrat’s name right off the bat. One person may get dozens of calls at all hours, and if they become annoyed and hang up, they never find out that the calls actually come from Republican organizations like the National Republican Congressional Committee. (Who don’t deny that they’re making the calls)
Dr Bernard Weiner (bio) writes that

this phone assault is reminiscent of what Republican operatives (with ties to the White House) were convicted of in New Hampshire last year. In that case, involving the 2002 Senate election, the Republicans automatic-redialed the Democratic Party headquarters’ phone lines in the final days before the election so that the Dems’ get-out-the-vote campaign was totally jammed and rendered useless. The GOP candidate won the election.

Hat tip to Webb Nichols