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58,000 dead and 153,000 wounded and/or maimed for life, many without limbs.
Bush’s speech was awful. His delivery terrible. He seemed to be reading. He seemed to be nervous. I’m sure the speech went a long way to reassure terrorists who are convinced that we are there permanently.
As a NY Times editorial notes: “Given the way this war was planned and executed, the president does not have any good options available, and if American forces were withdrawn, Iraq would probably sink into a civil war that would create large stretches of no man’s land where private militias and stateless terrorists could operate with impunity.”
Bring on the 9/11 Dancers
9/11! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! Rah! Rah! Rah!
“For Bush’s next speech, he should skip mentioning 9/11 and just bring out the 9/11 conga dancers. “Nine e-lev-en! Nine e-lev-en! Da da da da da, da da, DA da,” writes Pancake City.
“Bush’s speech by the numbers: References to September 11th: 5 — References to WMD: 0 — References to freedom: 21 — References to exit strategy: 0 — References to Saddam Hussein: 2 — References to Osama Bin Laden: 2 — References to a mistake: 1 — References to mission: 11 — References to mission accomplished: 0″ Actually, I counted six 9/11 references.
This president is in power for another 3 ½ years. Can’t the puppet masters at least hire a better speech writer and some marketing professionals so Bush can sound convincing while he cheerleads his war? With all the marketing tactics available today, you’d think our government could make better presentations.
And hey, Mr. Bush, how’s that search for bin Laden going?