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mccain-space.pngWhich presidential candidate is winning on the Internet? Let the numbers tell the story.
The vast majority of forum discussions on McCain Space, the candidate’s social network, have fewer than 10 replies, and most have none as of 3 pm today. Most of the groups have 50 members or less, and less than 50 user-made videos have been uploaded to the site, where the most popular video, with 470 votes is “some random rifle spinning” by a Texas supporter who never says a word. The McCain Blog’s posts have about half the number of comments as the Obama Blog. McCain News on Twitter is following 119 and has 1,686 followers.
Comments on Obama Blog posts range from 450 to 1200+ per post. Obama has 496,701 friends on MySpace, 1,662,290 supporters on Facebook, Obama’s campaign is following 75,287 people on Twitter, where he has 72,367 followers. Following others is a key indicator that a person using Twitter in actually participating in the community.
alexa.pngPoliticians have been using the Internet to reach confirmed and potential supporters for more than a decade. But once the Obama campaign won’s support, it became able to use the web to build a two-way conversation and recruit MoveOn’s remarkably organized members to quick, strong action and donations.
The proof is in the numbers, says ITbusiness.
On Web traffic-tracking site Alexa, ranks 535 and 4,497 out of all Web pages, as of Aug. 29. That stark contrast wasn’t heightened by the timing of the Democratic convention – over the past several months, Obama’s site has ranked an average of 7,000 positions higher than his opponent’s site.