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By B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

stopiran.pngNATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, General Wes Clark has, for some strange reason, changed his name from Wesley to Wes. Name strangeness aside, I am impressed as hell by his willingness to hook up with people who have stellar Internet marketing acumen.

He is now, blog and all, the head of and “a pro military organization founded by Veterans of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan …[who are] committed to winning the war on terror and preserving the strength of our military.”

Clark et al have teamed up with to mount a campaign to stop President Bush from taking military action in Iran. A petition is being circulated by MoveOn and by, demanding that Congress keep completely out of touch and out of control President Bush from further acts of war without their permission.

I’m sure we’ll hear a Presidential candidacy announcement from Clark any day now. But, as Daily Kos noted, “… obviously, his priorities are ordered a bit differently from your average politician.”

All a reader has to do is click on a link on,, or to be brought to the petitions; to contact local media; to contact his/her Congressional representatives. Code is supplied for bloggers who want to run ads with links to the sites and petitions. Background, news stories and video all are available for those who want to study and/or promote the issues.

Any candidate or cause that can’t provide tools for action on their cause is sure to be left behind in the dust. We live in very interesting times.