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kinky_friedman.jpgThe energy crisis is a lot like the weather: everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. Well, Kinky Friedman — best-selling mystery writer and former lead singer of the Texas Jewboys, and now Independent Texas gubernatorial candidate — has rolled out a radical energy plan. I bet it flies like a red balloon in the fossil fuel producing state of Texas, but I sure wish I could vote for him.
His campaign homepage is a blog. He’s covering social media with a MySpace page with 23425 friends and Facebook.
The Kinkster, who could be Texas’ first independent governor since Sam Houston, rolled out his Texas energy proposal today, saying he wants to substantially boost renewable energy production, and noting that the state’s “capacity to generate energy from wind, solar and biofuel sources is 400 times greater than the amount Texas is currently using.”

“Texas was once the world’s leading energy producer,” Friedman said in a written policy statement. “We have the resources to be self-sufficient. We have enormous solar, wind and biofuel capabilities. What we lack is leadership.”

via sustainablog