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Last week, we reported on the website, We Are Not Afraid, that sprang up on July 7, the morning of the London terrorist attacks. The story hit the New York Times a mere five days later. And Sarah Boxer wrote a ridiculous story criticizing the site because some of the pictures show people having fun at beaches. Doh! It’s July.
A few days ago, We’re Not Afraid might have been a comfort. Today, there’s a hint of “What, me worry?” from Mad magazine days, but without the humor or the sarcasm. We’re Not Afraid, set up to show solidarity with London, seems to be turning into a place where the haves of the world can show that they’re not afraid of the have-nots.
And then she accuses the people who sent photos to the site of “brutish flaunting of wealth and leisure.” These are 5000 people from all over the world, from Kenya to The Netherlands, coming together to show their solidarity against the bombers. Their response was immediate and sincere. It’s the terrorists who are brutes, not the people contributing to this website. The Times should be ashamed of Boxer’s article.