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You think bank lines are long now? Wait til the next time you try to make a deposit in a crowded bank. Better bring along your lunch.
Thank John Ascroft the next time you go to the bank and it takes 5 minutes for the teller to handle your simple deposit. And the deposits of all the people in front of you on the line.
According to the Customer Service Manager at my bank, the Patriot Act requires that every check you deposit now be run through a new machine that makes a copy of it and codes it. Ditto your deposit slip. If your branch of your bank hasn’t instituted this system yet, it will soon, he said, because now that’s the law.
Five minutes doesn’t sound like much? Multiply it by all the other ways your time is wasted trying to do business and you’ll see that it adds up. Sheesh! I could be dancing instead. Hopefully a regime change will help bring laws like this back into the realm of the rational. Hint: Use a ATM and you just drop your deposit in and get a receipt. The tellers play with your checks on their tme.