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WoundedWarrior.gifWe’ve all read about the thousand American soldiers killed in Iraq. But the many thousands of young men and women coming home wounded and maimed are hidden from public view by an administration determined to convince the nation that everything is going great in this stupid war.
The Wounded Warrior Project is raising funds to help the thousands returning home with traumatic amputations, gunshot wounds, burns and blast injuries.

The Project helps the wounded and their families to deal with expenses and other overwhelming challenges. Nina Berman’s moving photo essay brings home the horror story in which these young soldiers now live.
Chris Carney, a rugby player and bartender from the East End of Long Island, began Soldier Ride, a 4,200 mile cross-country bike ride from Montauk, NY to San Diego, CA on August 17th in support of our wounded soldiers and to raise awareness of the Wounded Warrior Project. Sadly, there is no blog where Carney can report his experiences.