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Can you tell which world leader and government The Wall Street Journal is discussing in today’s editorial? Hint: it’s not Hitler.
The president thereupon announced sweeping constitutional changes that could erase _______’s last vestiges of pluralistic democracy.
The proposals aren’t so much a disproportionate response to terrorism as utterly irrelevant to the task at hand, and quite likely counterproductive. Not even the president’s defenders could pretend that Mr. ____ will accomplish anything more than to strengthen the _____’s stifling grip on political power.
It should be clear by now that the ______ leader will use any pretext to steadily restore one man — or single party — rule in _____. Opposition politicians, businessmen and journalists hounded into silence, or worse, have learned this the hard way.
Many ________ may support the president, thinking only a powerful leader can ensure “stability.”
The new political changes won’t make _____ safer, but Mr ____ and friends will be. … The reality is there is a concerted attempt to build up a centralized state, on the Chinese-Soviet model, that can exploit the country’s natural wealth for its own ends.