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Ralph Nader has announced that he is considering entering the 2004 Presidential race, and that is distressing as hell. I have enormous respect for Ralph Nader and his principles. I count him among my heroes, and I can count those on the fingers of one hand. I believe that this country absolutely needs a third party. But not this time.
The simple fact is, if Nader had not run in the last election, Gore would be president. Bush and the puppet masters are such dangerous lunatics that Nader should not risk being a spoiler in this election. We need Nader with the Democratic party now, not outside it. He would make an extraordinary vice-president, for example.
As Rick Bruner eloquently pointed out, Nader needs to “bring his supporters into the fold to get rid of the wicked witch, rather than aggitating from outside and chance dividing the vote.”
There is too much at stake in this election: trillions in national debt, the loss of women’s right to choose, the possibility of a Scalia Supreme Court, the gutting of social programs and, of course, jobs and health care, just to name a few of the issues.
Nader is soon to announce his decision. Please, watch “Ralph Don’t Run,” and then go to Nader’s Website and ask him not to run.