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On his HBO Show, “Real Time With Bill Maher, one of his recent New Rules: Lay off Rumsfeld and his 9/11 memento.
“Yes, Donald Rumsfeld took a piece of the airplane that hit the Pentagon. Like you’ve never lifted anything from work! But he kept it for a good reason: to remind himself of who did this to us. Otherwise, we might have retaliated against the wrong country.”
On the same show a wonderfully upbeat Howard Dean said again that the capture of Saddam Hussein did not make us safer because Saddam is a dangerous but pathetic leader with no WMD and no connection to Al Queida.
Bin Laden is our enemy, Dean said, and finding him is where our resources should be going.
Funny that Maher got kicked off FOX last year when he said the same thing. Looks like he’s not only been vindicated, he’s being seen as a voice of reason.