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To be perfectly clear, I’d support Porky Pig if he was running against George Bush, so I support John Kerry. Sadly, his campaign has lacked the fire in the belly of the Dean campaign. But that may be about to change because Zack Exley has left, where he was special projects director, to join the Kerry campaign.
Bushies, predictably, last week filed a government complaint accusing the Kerry campaign of illegally coordinating political ads and other election spending with and other pro-Democratic groups. Kerry, MoveOn and the others named in the complaint deny any wrongdoing. As if Pat Roberts, the Halliburton boys and the Religious Right fanatics who support the White House don’t have any influence on the Bush campaign!
According to Associated Press, Exley will be the Kerry campaign’s director of online communications and organizing. At MoveOn, Exley focused on research and mobilizing MoveOn supporters, according to Eli Pariser, the PAC’s executive director.
Kerry Hasn’t Understood Internet’s Power