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The blogosphere was abuzz last week when Robert Scoble tried to defend Microsoft abhorent MSN Spaces position of collusion with the Chinese government. So he apologized:
“In the face of overwhelming evidence, I admit I’m wrong. Trying to justify the Chinese MSN word blocker is one of the more boneheaded things I’ve done.

This is why you gotta love Scoble, and the blogosphere. You say something. Bloggers disagree with you. They jump on your ass. You think about it. You can change your mind. We all still love eachother and keep on working together. That’s the way it works when the conversation stays respectful. Sadly, a lot of bloggers get downright nasty and incredibly personal toward other bloggers. But in the long run, they don’t count.
And Rick Segal had some big fun helping Scoble eat crow.