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bloomberg_gore.pngBy B.L. Ochman
Like I said in July 2006, I’m for a Bloomberg/Gore ticket in the 2008 election. Speculation is popping up in the media that it could still happen. Bloomberg and Gore both deny it. I don’t believe them.
Having volunteered in the Draft Bloomberg effort, I know that – with enough money – they could get on the ballot any time up to the end of July as Independents, and bypass the whole enervating, endless two-year primary that’s about to implode on the Democratic side at any moment.
It comes down to marketing
Hillary’s team can’t market its way out of a paper bag. They’ve made scant and ineffectual use of the internet. They let her spend time attacking Obama instead of McCain. Ahem, McCain’s anti-abortion, wants to keep the war going for the next 100 years, is sure to have to institute a draft to do that, etc etc. Wouldn’t you talk about him if you were CMO for team Clinton?
Here’s a hint – market to the youth vote
Young people don’t seem to like her, and they’re going to rock the vote. Clinton needs to change everything about her marketing so she’s talking to the people who are actually going to determine the outlook of the election – and they’re online.
Obama is getting boring, and losing steam. Maybe it’s just me, but he doesn’t seem very exciting lately because he doesn’t seem to have any actual policies to discuss. Sure he’s a great fund-raiser, and a brilliant speaker, and he inspired the music video that’s been the best marketing piece for any candidate to date, but his people didn’t make that video. The Black Eyed Peas made the “Yes We Can Video.” Obama’s not using social media to great advantage when it comes to actual issues. And sooner or later, that’s what’s going to matter.
Obama: tell us about how to end the war; how to insure that Social Security continues to exist; how you’ll end hunger in America; tell us what you’ll do.. We can’t pay our bills with hope. I want a marketing proposal from you about how you’ll handle being President. With deliverables.
Bloomberg/Gore has plenty of time and money
Al Gore, duly elected 2004 President of the United States, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has become a world-renown ambassador of real change. And people like him. He proved that he could use social media to bring people out in support of his ideas when he used MySpace to sell out the opening shows of An Inconvenient Truth.
Bloomberg is short on charisma, but long on ideas, substance and achievement. His people know how to find and enlist talented marketers or anything else they need. They could mobilize to get him on the ballot in time to run.
I think we’ll soon be woken from the stupor into which the endless Democratic primary is leading us by a team who could actually win an election: Bloomberg/Gore. You heard it here baby. :>)
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