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Instead of the revolting posturing of Bush in yet another PR shot, I’d rather see his ads answer questions raised by The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission
– Please explain why no one in any level of our government has yet been held accountable for the countless failures leading up to and on 9/11?
– What defensive measures did you take in response to pre-9/11 warnings from eleven nations about a terrorist attack, many of which cited an attack in the continental United States? Did you prepare any directives in response to these actions? If so, with what results?
– On the morning of 9/11, who was in charge of our country while you were away from the National Military Command Center? Were you informed or consulted about all decisions made in your absence? (Could it have been puppet masters Rove and Ashcroft?)

– Beginning with the transition period between the Clinton administration and your own, and ending on 9/11/01, specifically what information (either verbal or written) about terrorists, possible attacks and targets, did you receive from any source?
– Specifically, what did you learn from the August 6, 2001, about the terrorist threat that was facing our nation? Did you request any follow-up action to take place? Did you request any further report be developed and/or prepared?
– Who approved the flight of the bin Laden family out of the United States
when all commercial flights were grounded, when there was time for only minimal questioning by the FBI, and especially, when two of those same individuals had links to WAMY, a charity suspected of funding terrorism? Why were Bin Laden family members granted that special privilege?