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Microsoft uber-blogger Robert Scoble is taking the controversial (perhaps to his job) position that Microsoft is wrong to take down Chinese blogger Zhao Jing, aka Michael Anti. That takes balls.
Former CNN anchor-turned-blogger Rebecca MacKinnon reports on the issue here
“Note,” she writes, “this blog was TAKEN DOWN by MSN people. Not blocked by the Chinese government.”
Says Scoble, “I do believe in a slippery slope. If they come after you today, maybe they’ll come after me tomorrow. Gotta stop this kind of stuff while we’re still talking about you.” He offers Anti space to guest blog on his blog, uncensored.
“Guys over at MSN: sorry, I don’t agree with your being used as a state-run thug,” Scoble says.
But then he says he needs to check the facts to be sure.
So why didn’t he check the facts before posting?
In June, Scoble was embroiled in controversy with MacKinnon over his company line on free speech. Under a rain of criticism, he soon ate his hat.