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Move.On.Org has mounted a campaign to protest the censorship byCBS television, which has refused to run MoveOn’s 30-second “Child’s Play” commercial during the Super Bowl. The network is allowing the Bush White House to run an advocacy ad of its own, which MoveOn says “is just plain wrong.”
“Over the last four days,” a MoveOn email reports, “something incredible has happened. CBS has received over 340,000 emails and phone calls asking it to stop its censorship.” Let’s go for one million calls!
Please join me in increasing the pressure on CBS. And through the power of the Internet, we can make sure that millions of people see the ad and learn about the controversy. As a first step, ask your friends to check out the ad Then call CBS at 212.975.3247 and tell them, politely please, that they are a bunch of chickenshits.
Please also sign MoveOn’s CBS petition