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Dave Winer wonders whether we’ll survive the Bush administration:

“Every time George Bush opens his mouth I think of how many Americans are going to have to die to pay for that gaffe, and how many billions it’s going to cost us to dig out of all the messes he’s already created and the ones he’s yet to create.”

And to make matters worse, The Washington Post reports that White House press secretary Tony Snow “for his daily briefing, adopted the Borscht Belt comics’ practice of answering questions with questions.” Snow has what has to be one of the worst PR jobs in America, but then again, nobody forced him to take it.

Does President Bush think the cease-fire in Israel and Lebanon will undermine support for Hezbollah?
“Well, we’re going to find out, aren’t we?” Snow replied.
“Did the president call for the respect of sovereignty by both sides?”
“Respect of sovereignty?” Snow parried.
Does Bush support the Republican candidate for Senate in Connecticut, Alan Schlesinger?
“Why do you ask?” Snow counterquestioned.