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Jerry_Brown.jpgJerry Brown, now Mayor of Oakland, CA, two-time governor, three-time presidential candidate and longtime spiritual scholar, is blogging.
AP writer Michelle Locke says politicians are getting into blogs after watching Howard Dean use the Internet “as a way to blast through the MSM (mainstream media) filter and communicate directly with voters.”
“A politician can use a blog to speak in a normal tone of voice and act like a real human being,” said Michael Cornfield, senior research consultant to the Pew Internet & American Life Project and author of “Politics Moves Online.”
Sure they can, but will they? I think Howard Dean was creamed by the media because he acted like a human being. The yelp that became Dean’s samurai sword was nothing but very real human emotion.
“I can’t imagine that at some point,” Cornfield says, “we won’t see someone who is to the Internet what JFK was to television and FDR was to radio,” he said. “And whoever that person is, he or she is going to have a blog.”
I hope it’s before the next presidential election. It would be great to have a political hero again.