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JibJab_DC.jpgA new political spoof video, “It’s Good to Be in D.C.,” by JibJab, creators of “This Land.” It has its world premiere last night on “The Tonight Show,” proving how much influence the Internet has on the mainstream these days.
Created by 33-year-old former investment banker Gregg Spiridellis and his 30-year-old brother Evan Spiridellis, “D.C,” set to the tune, “Dixie,” features the U.S. presidential and vice-presidential candidates along with Attorney General John Ashcroft, CBS News anchor Dan Rather, filmmaker Michael Moore, talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Jane Fonda. It’s got Cheney flipping the bird to Edwards who’s wearing a red bikini. “You twit” sings Edwards to Cheney. “Eat shit” Cheney shoots back.
“This Land” generated more than 65 million individual viewings online and outranked traffic to the two presidential candidates’ own Web sites for the month of June, according to Web traffic analysts ComScore Networks.