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Cash.jpgI plan to be among those who will raise our voices in song, in rage, and in hope on Tuesday, August 31st, at 4:30 PM. at Sotheby’s auction house.
We will join together in defense of the honor of Johnny Cash as we protest against a Republican gala “celebrating” Johnny Cash. Where do the Republican come off associating themselves with a man who stood for the little guy, for peace, equality and justice. Go home you jerks. New York doesn’t want you here!
Says the Call to Action on the Republicans Not Welcome Website “Bring your black clothing, pompadour, guitars (real or cardboard), hair grease, singing voice, megaphones, jailstripes, skeleton costumes, signs, art, posters, CD players, boom boxes, musical instruments, Johnny posters and records, dancing shoes, creative resistance, decentralized direct action schemes, and of course, your favorite political Cash lyrics as big as you can print