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miller.jpgThe New York Times reports that the City Council speaker, Gifford Miller, a Democratic mayoral candidate, is using Websites (also here and here) to criticize Mayor Bloomberg’s positions on issues and as calls to action for voters. Great idea, but one blog on all the issues would be much stronger and more effective. Mr. Miller, or Mr. Bloomberg, I’m available to help you get a blog set up.
A single issues blog would be better than these websites because:
* blogs are database driven and archive topics in categories set up by the blogger. Therefore, a voter could quickly check your stand on any issue
* blogs are interactive and readers can comment, giving you valuable feedback and an opportunity to listen to and talk with voters
* blogs have permalinks that search engines love. Each post gets its own URL and content can be search engine optimized
* other blogs can trackback to your posts and therefore spread the word
* blogs are simple for you to add information to
* you can use polls and surveys on the blog, include video clips, sound and podcasts
“The Web sites,” says the Times “are an inventive twist on the hallowed – and perfectly legal – practice of franking, through which members of the Council may use taxpayers’ funds to send mail to constituents to alert them about legislative issues. The sites cost the Council little to maintain, and the information they gather can be easily used to build lists of New Yorkers with an interest in particular issues before the Council.” Yeah, but what does the Times really know about blogs? :>)