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cellphone_photo.pngWe live in an age of instant communication. Information flows as if from a fire hose.
Yet total communications failure happened in New York City today when an Air Force One look-a-like and two Air Force fighter jets flew as low as 1000 to 150 feet in a circle over Manhattan, Staten Island and New Jersey.
Panic ensued as workers from many office buildings ran into the streets before they learned that the flights were just a “government photo op.”
The low-flying planes caused a brief panic among office workers near ground zero, according to Associated Press and other news organizations.
“It scared a couple of million people,” one airport official told ABC News. As a 9/11 survivor I know exactly what went through people’s minds when they heard and then saw those low-flying planes.
According to ABC News, a statement from the New York City Police Department said that local authorities were told not to disclose information about this morning’s flyover.
There is simply no excuse for imposing that type of scare on New Yorkers. Go do your photo ops somewhere else! Sheesh!
UPDATE: President Obama calls Air Force One flyover ‘mistake’ day after low-flying plane terrifies New York