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ShutDownNY.jpgDo New Yorkers want the Republicans here next week? No way Jose! The cab drivers, doctors, commuters, and residents I’ve talked to all say they are just staying away next week.
Here’s a roundup of some reactions to the next week’s right wing party:
The Village Voice says:
“When this attacked city was selected to host the convention way back in January 2003, Bush might have believed he’d come here as a hero, with bin Laden’s head in tow, a new tower rising, $20 billion in thank-you’s awaiting, and a landslide on the way, beginning in NY. Instead, along the same West side route where Bush was cheered lustily on September 14, 2001, protesters may gather by the hundreds of thousands, a revolution in receptions marking the ugly shift in national spirit that’s infected Bush’s years. A president who came then to our battlefield as a unifier is returning as a user