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New York City’s paper of record has a long way to go before its coverage of the anti-war movement, the Bush Administration and the war could be considered well-balanced, but a few Times reporters, like Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman have begun to take a bold anti-administration stand.
Writing today about Richard Clarke, George Bush’s former counterterrorism czar and the author of the just-published “Against All Enemies,” Krugman says:
“On “60 Minutes” on Sunday, Mr. Clarke said the previously unsayable: that Mr. Bush, the self-proclaimed “war president,” had “done a terrible job on the war against terrorism.” After a few hours of shocked silence, the character assassination began. He “may have had a grudge to bear since he probably wanted a more prominent position,” declared Dick Cheney, who also says that Mr. Clarke was “out of the loop.” (What loop? Before 9/11, Mr. Clarke was the administration’s top official on counterterrorism.) It’s “more about politics and a book promotion than about policy,” Scott McClellan said.