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Bush_Brain_Game.bmp.jpgWith election day around the corner, the Web is awash with political spoof videos and games that mock the candidates and try to use humor to make their point, some more successfully than others.
My new favorites are the Bush Game and the blog John Kerry Is A Douchebag But I’m Voting For Him Anyway
In the Bush Game, you try to drop a brain into Bush’s open head. When you do,

he spouts incredible-but-he-said-them statements like my all-time fave, “Our enemy is always trying to find new ways to hurt us and we are too.”
Alan Blevins, 21 year-old senior Computer Science major at Texas A&M University, and a registered voter, created the Kerry blog “to convince people who may find John Kerry to be a not-so-desirable candidate to vote for him anyway.” Sections of the blog include “How Fucked We are Right Now,” and “How Fucked We will be With 4 More Years of George W. Bush”
Other must-see political videos include:
GWB: Keeping America Scared and
Satan for Bush
Thanks to Ed Miller and karma Martell for the tips