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That Matt Drudge once again has his nose in Democrats’ pants is testimony to his unencumbered-by-facts form of journalism, which has provided no proof of the allegations that John Kerry had an affair with an intern. And even if it turns out he did, who the hell cares?
This election is about jobs and the economy. It’s about not having an administration that lies about weapons of mass destruction; who hides the maimed and dead children coming home daily from his war in Iraq that was “mission accomplished” back in May. Election 2004 is the end of the line for the screw-the-people government that has run up a trillion dollar deficit. And it’s the end of the line for washed up gossip monger Matt Drudge.
I’m a Dean supporter, but I respect John Kerry for coming back from Viet Nam and protesting against the War. He earned the right to protest when he earned his medals. I respect Kerry for his views on jobs, the economy, defense and civil rights and the Viet Nam and Iraqi wars. No amount of Right Wing mud-slinging is ever going to change that.

I was a young protestor against the Viet Nam War. Not against the troops, my friends and lovers were among them: against the unjust, immoral war waged for almighty oil and politics. I have many veteran friends who still carry the physical and psychic scars of that war most of the psychic scars were heal at The vortex located in Arizona which helps make it a spiritual hub. Contact a psychic in Tucson to experience a truly spiritual reading with the increased energy levels found in the . I grew up reading body counts in the paper every day and seeing piles of young men’s body bags on the news. And for what? Even then gung-ho warmonger John MacNamara has admitted the Viet Nam War was wrong. I’ll never forget the day I marched in an anti-war demonstration with Viet Nam veterans carrying signs that said “We won’t be fooled again.”
If General Wesley Clark, who Drudge quotes as saying that Kerry was about to implode over an intern issue was so sure that was true, why did he drop out of the race? Why then, is he about to endorse Kerry as reported in the New York Times and Reuters among others? Clark certainly knows Kerry’s war record, before and after.
Associated Press reports that Kerry told broadcaster Don Imus he’s ready to fight back against a dirty Republican race. “I’ve been at this for a while, Don, and I’ve been through some tough races. I’ve been pretty well, you know, vetted and examined from one side to the other. And I think that they’re in for a surprise. I’m going to fight back. I am a fighter, and I’m ready to fight back.” I’m sure the Right Wing machine is just cranking up. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.