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Beleaguered blogger Melissa McEwan has left the John Edwards campaign. Her former colleague, blogger Amanda Marcotte, resigned Monday in the face of pressure from Catholic League president.
Writing on her blog, Shakespeare’s SIster, McEwan says, “would like to make very clear that the campaign did not push me out, nor was my resignation the back-end of some arrangement made last week. This was a decision I made, with the campaign’s reluctant support, because my remaining the focus of sustained ideological attacks was inevitably making me a liability to the campaign, and making me increasingly uncomfortable with my and my family’s level of exposure.”
That’s a damn shame. She says she’s sure progressive bloggers will be disappointed by her decision, and this one is. I’m sure it was a tough decision to make. She’s gotten almost a thousand comments on her post about her resignation.
However, if Edwards had balls, he’d personally stand up against the Christian Right Wing and give em hell about trying to intimidate his staff.
But he hasn’t done that. Scratch Edwards.