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Six_Flags_Muslim.jpgThe Web site announces: “Insha Allah, on September 17, 2004, the New Jersey theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure, is set to be transformed as “The Great Muslim Adventure Day,” an event organized by ICNA. This event is designed to provide entertainment for the entire family! Alhamdulillah, the entire park is reserved for Muslims only!” More than 10,000 Muslims are expected to attend.
Oddly enough, information about the event is nowhere to be found on the Six Flags Great Adventure site. Are they perhaps worried that it is unwise to exclude the general public from events at a facility owned by a publicly traded company? Other theme days, including one for Orthodox Jews, have been held at Great Adventure before, but the public was also allowed.
According to WorldNet Daily, “The ICNA has drawn much controversy to itself in recent years. WorldNetDaily attended

a conference in Orlando, Fla., sponsored in part by the ICNA, which featured a main speaker who voiced empathy and support for suicide bombers, denied Muslims were involved in 9-11, characterized the war on terror as a conspiratorial Zionist plot designed to destroy Islam and Muslims, and blamed attacks on affirmative action on “the rise of the Jewish cracker.”
The event is arranged by the Muslim Youth Division of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society, two of the largest Muslim organizations in America.