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Bush_Yoga_Pose.jpgPolitical spoof Websites and blogs are getting more clever by the minute. This one is hilarious! Bush Yoga was originally created as an online tool to register voters. They offer free voter registration interfaces for other political sites.
Bush Yoga features a flight-suited Bush doll in a variety of yoga poses, complete with how-to instructions. There also are news clips of incredible-but-true Bush verbal gaffes; an original country song, “George Bush You’re an Evil Man,” by Pickin’Trix; a movie short; a store that sells an $8.99 Bush Yoga thong, and lots more.
The site’s disclaimer says “Look, this stuff is here just for fun. We cannot be responsible for any injuries or damage sustained by those attempting to pose like Dubya. After all, the guy is the most powerful man in the world. Please vote responsibly. Namaste.”