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The Schiavo issue certainly is politically motivated, says O’Dwyer PR.[Subscription required.] “But from a PR standpoint, the well-oiled Republican communications machine once again steamrolled over the hapless Democrats.”
Rabbi Marc Gellman, who writes an ethics column for Newsweek, told O’Dwyer’s the Schiavo case represents an abortion rights, capital punishment and assisted-suicide “trifecta.”
Republicans have seen this case as a photo op. And yet both Hilary Clinton and Chuck Schumer declined to vote on the issue. Talk about wimping out.
Hopefully, this dreadful interference in a family matter by the government makes clear to everyone in the U.S. that it is necessary to have both a Living Will AND a Healthcare Proxy who agrees to make medical decisions that abide by your wishes if you can’t speak for yourself. The time to set those up is today!