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Vote.jpgI’ve just come back from a MoveOn.Org house party hosted in an incredibly posh, art and antique-filled Park Ave apartment. The kitchen was bigger than my apartment! And the cool part is that the organizers were a young woman who is going to Bryn Mayr College this Fall and her best friend. It was, as we’d say back in the day, a rush. :>)
More than 30,000 people nationwide attended house parties tonight to discuss Fahrenheit 911 and to have an interactive online conference with MoveOn and Michael Moore.
By the end of the evening, 15,000 people had pledged to host or attend house parties on Sunday, July 11th to mount a massive voter registration drive.
Since less than 50 percent of those who are eligible actually vote, registering even a small number of people could swing the election to the Democrats.
So, George W Bush, if you want to mount a hate-filled campaign or an Emperor’s New Clothes campaign that makes it sound like everything is really great, I have just three words for you: “Bring It On.”
Because come November, you and the puppet masters are history.