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mike_bloomberg.jpgWhere’s Your Blog Mayor Bloomberg? Voters want to know your positions and we want to tell your our opinions and have you respond to us. A blog is a great way to do that. Ask any candidate who ran for president in 2000.
Why don’t you have a blog on your re-election website? Don’t you want to know what New Yorkers think about you?
Put up a blog. We need to talk to you Mayor Bloomberg. Entrepreneurs like me pay nearly $500 a month for health insurance. We want to talk to you about your platform on health insurance and a lot of other issues that impact on small business. We need you to listen, respond and take action. We’re the creative backbone of this city, and we vote. Your blog would give us an effective way to communicate with you.
Entrepreneurs Vote
What are you waiting for? Start a blog! And when you do, make time to write on it yourself at least every couple of days. Because if you have some flack do it, we’ll see right through you.