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fundrace.jpgFundrace2004 is a new and more than a little bit scary Big Brother way to spy on your neighbors. Type in a name or address to see who has contributed more than $200 to Democrats and Republicans in the Presidential race.
Given that Dean and Kerry are getting a lot of small contributions, it’s not totally accurate, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Oddly, it also includes both residential and commercial buildings. Are a lot of people making contributions with company-issued credit cards? Is that a way around the campaign finance laws?
According to the site, the top Democratic building in New York City is 770 Park Ave, where $52,000 in contributions of $200 or more have been made. Top Republican building is 85 Broad Street with a mere $29,500. That’s the Goldman Sachs building.

A statement on the site says “all calculations are based on records filed with the FEC of contributions by all individuals totalling more than $200 to a single campaign between January 1, 2003 and February 29, 2004.”
Thanks to Sree Sreenivasan for the tip