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bull.jpg“If you break it, you don’t have to buy it.”
Pottery Barn inadvertently found itself in the news over the weekend when journalist Bob Woodward began promoting his new book, Plan of Attack. He quoted Secretary of State Colin Powell as warning President Bush that invading Iraq would produce a “Pottery Barn rule,” which Powell defined as “you break it, you own it.”
No way, says Leigh Oshirak, PR director for the 174-store chain of home furnishings stores, whose response had exactly the right tone.
When Ms. Oshirak heard Mr. Powell’s reference, she said she was glad he was thinking of Pottery Barn, but unhappy about a misconception that might discourage shoppers. People don’t have to buy something if they accidentally break it in a Pottery Barn store, she explained.
“You have to have a little sense of humor, but I don’t think anyone wants to hear their brand mentioned like that,” she said. “We’re here to please our customers.”
She said the company had not contacted Mr. Powell but would probably send him a gift basket