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I’m hating Matt Drudge tonight. He freely admits that 80% of what he writes is true. I’m praying that his story about John Kerry’s affair with a 20 year-old intern is in the 20 percent that’s not true.
But last time he broke a story like this one, he brought down Bill Clinton.

If the story is true, WHY did Kerry run? Does he really believe that he is so invincible that, like Gary Hart telling the media “If you think I’m cheating on my wife, just follow me.” And they did, and caught him screwing Donna Rice. She went on to have a successful line of jeans, and his career was ended.
Does Kerry or anyone else really think, that in this day of media saturation, he can really get away with something like this? I’m praying that his armour is Teflon. And that Matt Drudge is a lying liar telling a lie.
What is the media going to do with this story?
Back in November, 2003, Greg Morago of the Hartford Courant asked, “Can The Rich And Famous Get Away With Anything? It Certainly Seems That Way” Interesting in light of the current controversy surrounding both John Kerry and George Bush, Morago wrote: