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Back in 1979, I went to the legendary No Nukes concert where Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, Jackson Brown and many other musicians performed to 100,000 people to raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear fuel. (That’s nukeUlar to President Bush.) Thirty years later, they’re spreading the very same message – this time via a YouTube video and a awareness campaign.
That’s because Congress is poised to sign a clean energy bill allocating increased funds to the development of solar, wind and other alternative energy sources. But there’s one sentence in the bill that would allocate more than 25 BILLION dollars in tax subsidies for the building of new nuclear plants.
Building new atomic reactors in an age of terror threats is beyond scary, and the toxic waste from nuclear power threatens our health and our planet. We already have better alternatives than nuclear plants. Building more nuclear plants makes no sense. Please, please sign the petition to remove the tax break for the nuclear industry from the energy bill. Contact your Congressional representatives. DO Something!