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The marketing power of political groups like has once again made an enormous impact on the political process from the grassroots level.
Despite spam, inbox overload and sheer bombardment by messages of every stripe, MoveOn got thousands of constituents to take action and contribute funds.
Think about these results the next time you think email isn’t working anymore. Over the past few months, principally through viral email, MoveOn members have accomplished the following in an effort to prevent Republican nominations to the courts:
* Submitted 59,645 letters to the editors of 3,162 newspapers
* Placed 118,016 calls to Congress (that we know of!)
* Held 1,539 house meetings to form local organizing teams
* Placed tens of thousands of signs in your windows, all across the country
* Gathered at over 1,000 theaters to pass out “Save the Republic” flyers to Star Wars fans
* Knocked on thousands of doors to spread the word, in almost 1,000 neighborhoods nationwide
* Raised $1.3 million to fund the campaign, with an average contribution of $43
* Supported the creation and placement of four television commercials, radio commercials, and two print ads running in target states and nationwide
* Organized 192 simultaneous rallies in all 50 states
* Submitted 580,371 signatures and comments opposing the nuclear option
* Organized round-the-clock emergency “Citizen Filibusters” in key target states, and signed up to organize 108 more nation-wide.