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If you want us to vote for you, buy from you, read you, or enter your contest, we want to hear your point of view, and then we want you to listen and respond to what we think. Social = two-way street.
The Republican Party’s clueless new video contest demonstrates how new media principles continue to elude the red team.
Republicans, says Finance and Commerce, are combatting “the Obama campaign’s ability to excite people through the Internet, the Republican National Convention announced an online video contest in partnership with YouTube.
The national contest encourages participants to create a video that answers the question, “Why are you a Republican in 2008?” The winner will also attend the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, where the video will be played during proceedings.
Who decides the winners? The Republicans. Not the public: the Republicans. (Excuse me, I was breathless from laughing for a moment.)
Dear Republicans: Please keep doing exactly what you’re doing now. You’re doing everything exactly the right (get it, right?) way.
Brought to you by one of those damn liberal bloggers.
Photograph, “Republican Platform,” courtesy Philip Greenspun
Full disclosure: I’m not a Republican.
UPDATE: Priceless. The Republicans and Democrats are accusing each other of stealing the idea for a YouTube video contest. Frankly, both contests are pretty lame. But at least the Democrats let the public vote on the winners instead of deciding for us.