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The heated debate over possible blog regulation turns up seeral notches as The Federal Communication Commission announces it will hold a hearing on June 28-29, 2005 at 9:30 a.m on proposed legislation that would decide whether blogs would qualify for “press exemption” or will be forced to provide disclosures, register as political entities, or face limitations of the quantity of their coverage in political elections.
These proposed changes would implement the recent decision of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in Shays v. Federal Election Commission, which held that “public communication” must include all Internet communications.
MarketingVox has followed the debate here
The announcement states “These proposals are intended to ensure that political committees properly finance and disclose their Internet communications, without impeding individual citizens from using the Internet to speak freely regarding candidates and elections. The Commission has made no final decision on the issues raised in this rulemaking.”
Translation: Our minds were blown when Howard Dean,, and other liberal political organizations were able to use the Internet to mobilize millions in campaign contributions for Democratic candidates. We can’t ignore this new media phenomenon any more!
Public comments must be received on or before June 3, 2005. Anyone wishing to testify at the hearing must file
written comments by the due date and must include a request to testify in the written comments.
ADDRESSES: All comments must be in writing, must be addressed to Mr. Brad C. Deutsch, Assistant General Counsel. Commenters “are strongly encouraged to submit comments electronically to ensure timely receipt and consideration. Email comments must be sent to either or submitted through the Federal eRegulations Portal. Those who want to testify must also email a copy of their comments to here
Thanks for Alice Marshall for the heads up