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NHL Bans Meerkat & Periscope Live Streaming
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YouTube ISIS Ad Gaffe; More Google Plus Breakup Rumors
Social Media Guru Count Holding Steady at 157,355
Will Google+ Minus Hangouts?
Brian Williams’ Career Suicide; Google/Twitter SEO Deal, Papal Hangout
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Four NYC Rabbis Arrested, FTC Warns Agencies, Subway Dancing
More Twitter Travesties, Chocolate Farts, DeathSwitch
HRH Prince of Wales’ Hangout, Anti-Gun Humor, Hotel Privacy Shocker
HRH Prince of Wales hosts Google+ Hangout Spotlighting Young Brits
Three Social Media Storms, Google Robots Fight, Chevy Guy Returns
Texas PoliTech’s Dumb & Dumber Videos; Opera Decries Bullying
Warner Brothers Runs G+ Hangout on Air with Interstellar Stars
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NASA’s Brilliant Social Media Strategy
How to see today’s G+ Hangout with NASA & The NY Times
Plusses & Minuses: Tiffany hosts its first Google+ Shoppable Hangout
Microsoft CEO Apologizes Lamely, Copyblogger Quits Facebook
Skype v Google+ Hangouts for Business
Not using Google+ Hangouts yet? You don’t want to be old school, Do You?
Microsoft CEO’s Outrageous $Karma Raise Advice to Women, DIY Invisibility
Kevin Richardson Plays Football With Lions, Facebook Bans LikeGating
Budweiser Puppy & KLM Dog #FAILs + StatSocial Demo
Worst 9/11 Brand Tweets; Rice/NFL Debacle; Apple’s Launch
AmEx ISIS re-brand goofs; Amazon gets Twitch; LEGO Female Scientists are gone
Curious about Hangouts? Join one – gratis – during our Hangout Office Hour event on Friday, Sept 12
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[VIDEO] Ferguson Protests, Cyber Attacks & an Aroused Horse
Live Dog Elected Mayor, Limbaugh Lies (again), Edelman PR #FAIL
10 ways your business can (should) use Google+ Hangouts
Hangouts’ Showcase app, Plagiarist Fired, Robots, Pot, Turds & Trust
How to view a Hangout that features the new Showcase app BETA
New Google+ Showcase app adds game-changing business value to Hangouts on Air
Google to reward users of Google+ Hangouts & YouTube Live Events with more prominent search placement
LEGO BrandJacked, HobbyLobby NewsJacked, Selfies Toasted [Video]
Gawker’s mean, GM app is dangerous, Pantene’s ad is great [VIDEO]
Netflix rocks branded content, Agencies resist G+, Starbucks pays tuition [VIDEO]
2014: Twitter bios show epic growth – to 297,897 – of self-proclaimed social media gurus
VIDEO: Net Neutrality Rant, Funny Alarm Clock, United Breaks Guitars2
Wondering what business can do with G+ Hangouts? Take a look!
Kentucky 5th graders on Virtual Field Trip via Hangout on Air
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6 Great Examples of G+ Business Hangouts on Air: from career counseling to Chinese classes
Two MIT students will give $100 Bitcoins to every undergrad
Eight incredibly creative (and lucrative) ways smart brands are using Google+
TacoBell’s phones with a past & LEGO’s social media
How to find – and learn from – great content on Google+
Coke’s Social Media Guard, AT&T’s Home Security & A Load Of Crap
Girl Scout Cookies at Pot Clinic; Hot Pockets Bad Meat; Groupon’s Presidents Day Goof
Sochi Hotel Issues, Amazon reads your mind, Smello-phone
Uber’s Dirty Tricks; Twitter saves lost bunny, furniture industry gets hip: Beyond Social Media Show # 33
Five Pervasive Myths about GooglePlus
MLK Day Mistweets, Richard Sherman’s Rant & EA’s Non-Disclosed Paid Reviews
Yes, you need to learn Google+! What you need to know right now
This may be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me :)
Fashion Brands Partner with Google for Shoppable GooglePlus Hangouts
Still wondering why your brand needs to use GooglePlus? Behold Toyota Collaborator – the future of social shopping
Top Three reasons GooglePlus should not be compared to Facebook
Beyond Social Media Show # 26 – Twerking Turkeys, Epic Splits, YouTube Shutdown
Beyond Social Media Show # 24: Home Depot’s racist Tweet, Dolphins’ Bully, YouTube policy backlash
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Beyond Social Media: Exploding yogurt, rude bottle caps, Google+ Helpouts & lots more
Beyond Social Media Show: social media triumphs & failures + apps & stats you need
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Learn how to set up your Google+ profile for maximum impact in a no-charge 15-minute demo Sept 4 at 12:30 PM EST
Former McDonald’s President begins Lyfe Kitchens sustainable fast food chain
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What Google’s race to perfect the semantic web means to brands (and you)
Technorati 2013 Digital Influence Report: Is Blogging Dead? Hell No!
QR Codes are history. Paper’s gone digital!
Report: U.S. homes have more than 1/2 billion devices connected to Internet and apps
BurgerKing social media team caught napping as @Anonymous ?? hacks BK Twitter account
Oreo’s Superbowl win proves – clearly and sweetly – that money really can’t buy love
Twitter bios show exponential increase – to 181,000 – in self-proclaimed social media gurus
Google’s Zeitgeist 2012
Social media tools and tech toys you can use
Instant gratification comes to online shoppers with Q1 launch of Shutl service promising immediate delivery
Dear Dog.com: Here are the top three reasons why forcing Facebook “Likes” is a bad – and prohibited – idea
Political protests go viral in Amazon product reviews. How should brands respond?
The myth of viral video: some dirty secrets
The state of social media marketing in the second half of 2012
Job seekers are turning to clever, sometimes wacky tactics. Do they work?
Latest Altimeter report on media convergence a wake-up call to lagging brands
WiseStamp lets you add your social content to your emails in real time. We’ve come a long way, baby.
Nancy Schwartzman: a force for social change, and, hopefully, an inspiration for brands
Yay! Room 214 issues a social media trends report that’s more than a thinly veiled sales pitch
Playing Catch-up with Pepsi, Coca-Cola Unveils Social Media Strategy Thru 2020
A cure for boring marketing and white paper detritus
How – and why – to protect yourself from Google’s new privacy & search policies
Facebook silent as my account and 45,000 others are hacked. 600,000 Facebook logins are compromised daily. What to do if your Facebook account is hacked.
What’s Next Blog’s First Annual Pissoffy Awards
Newt Gingrich punked by ignorance as www.newtgingrich.com becomes a joke – and I bought two more good ones!
Occupy Wall St: citizen journalists and buggy whips
A new and better way to measure Twitter influence
No, QR Codes are not dead. But some of the stupid ways they’re used should be killed.
Infographic: how the world uses social media
Uh Oh! Facebook blew it again on privacy. So what!
Down Sparky! Self-proclaimed Google+ experts already multiplying like rabbits
Google+ mania: most pundits are missing the real point
How Millenials are transforming the way we shop, work, and play: an interview with youth marketing trendspotter Tina Wells.
Another stupid agency Tweet. Another knee-jerk client reaction.
True Blood “Immortalize Yourself” Facebook App approaching eight million Likes! Am I the only one who thinks that’s scary?
Disturbing trend: big brands pimping Facebook “Likes”
What’s Next Blog study: Why are 56% of the Fortune 50 still hiding their social media presence?
Three smart uses of QR Codes. And one really dumb campaign from JetBlue
My one-minute interview with three Facebook reps: will Facebook replace company websites?
Mary Meeker: Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends for 2011
Dear Verizon & Time-Warner – social media’s got your numbers
In Defense of Social Media: it’s not dead, or dying
The corporate site is dead. Time to take them down!
Lessons from the 10 most viral brands of 2010
B.L. Ochman’s 2011 Online Marketing Predictions: Semantic Web, Mobile Gurus, and the end of corporate webites
Yahoo! closing (?) Delicious. How to save your bookmarks. Do it now!
Fortune 50 Mobile Communications: they’ve got it, but they don’t flaunt it
Social CRM, Part 2 – MediaTemple’s Heroic Measures for a Damsel in Distress
A Must-See Phenomenal 2-D Mobile Code Campaign for Indie Music
New report on “The State of Mobile Communications” says be mobile or be dust
Self-proclaimed social media guru count growth slows: new titles emerge
Dear Zuck: Turnaround is fair play. How do you like it?
Beyond the 3D Internet – a look at what’s next in Interaction
The Stealth Interview (the one that didn’t happen)
Facebook Privacy Changes – Opportunity or Threat for Brands?
Facebook-Inspired NJ Student Protest Provides a Lesson in the Power of Social Media and the Politics of Now
Google innovations: Mad Useful
Why Most of Fortune 10 Still Hiding Social Media Involvement from their homepages
Coke’s Happiness Campaign Just Keeps Getting Better
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds ViewChange: an Extraordinary Combination of Technology & Compassion
Pepsi’s Optimism Project Propels Them into a Group of Highly Evolved Brands
Trendsspotting Report: 2010 Online Marketing Influencers: Trend Predictions in 140 characters
B.L. Ochman’s 2010 Online Marketing Predictions: Blog ads, mobile, & solopreneurs
It’s Time to Banish (99%) of Micro-sites
Why Do So Many Companies Hide Their Social Media Involvement?
Top Five Reasons Why Free is a Good Business Model & How We Plan to Use it to Retire Before We’re 90
Augmented Reality Meets Social Media at Meijer Halloween Site. Will it Blend?
AMC’s “Mad Men” Social Media Use Sure to Become Legendary. Will It Produce Eyeballs as Well as Buzz? Stay Tuned!
A Social Media Reality Check from the C-Suite
The Slightly Salacious, and Semi-Disgusting, Trend in Fast Food Advertising
How to Pick Your Social Media Guru
Weekly Social Media Hour Podcast Debuts, and I’m a Guest
Forrester: Sponsored Conversation is Here to Stay. Get Over It
Crowdsourcing: Everything Old is New Again, and Again
My Social Media Secret
How to Market Obama Now: Play the Race Card
Does Your Company Have a Social Media Participation Policy? IBM & Sun Do
New What’s Next Feature: Marketing Trendlets
AP vs Blogger BrouHaHa – New Realities for Old Media
BusinessWeek Forays Into Social Media Signal Publishing’s Future
What Constitutes News Now That Everyone Can Be a Reporter?
Groundswell – Buy it, Read It, Share It!
Oovoo and Other Video Call Sites Are Big Fun – Try Them!
Press Release Distribution Service Butts Heads With Bloggers
How Real People Shop Online Now – They Talk to Strangers
Why Social Media – And Andrés Bianciotto – Rock and Why PR Week & Adicio Still Suck
Data Ownership & Portability: What You Can Do Now, If You Care
Kara Swisher Goes Digital-Only – “Goodbye Dead Trees”
B.L. Ochman’s 2008 Online Marketing Predictions: Mobile, Subscriptions, Collaboration Rule
Philoctetes Center Roundtable: The Future of Technology
Toyota’s Violin Playing Robot Demonstrates, Again, Japanese Prescience
Social Media is a Mystery in India, But Not for Long
Study: Social Networks Support WOM. Doh!
Dear NBC – Your Ad on My Blog Stinks: Let’s Fix It
Facebook Pushes Social Advertising as a Way to Reach “Fan-sumers”
Web 2.0 Dead? Don’t Be Silly! It’s Just Starting
Brijit: Reading 2.0
What Marketers Need to Know About Twitter
Lit Literacy Aims to Use Social Media to Raise $1 Million in 4 Weeks
Google Introduces Free Mobile 411 Service. Take That Verizon et al!
Latent Lava – Like a Hyperactive Subservient Chicken 4.0 – is Here to Fight Terrorism in a Very Cool Way, and You Can Be One of the Actors
Stormhoek’s Blue Monster Reserve for Microsoft Arrives on the Cluetrain
I’m Winning the War on Email Overload: How Come I Feel Guilty?
My 2007 Marketing Predictions Were Half Right – Thinking About 2008
Second Life Bashing In Full Gear – But the Bashers Are Missing the Point
Do Social Networks Have Any Real Value?
Fake Celebrity Bloggers Having a Heyday Today
I Can Has Chezeburger – A Lesson for Marketers
John Edwards Leads the Pack in Blog Ad Spending
TechNewsWorld: The Top 10 News Stories Broken By Bloggers
Web is Women’s Favorite Place to Shop
Talk About Green Power! Here’s a Spinach-Powered House
Kellogg’s Responds to Food Police – Are They Caving or Helping?
Is No Comment The Right Response to User Created Campaign Videos?
Prominence of Blogs in Pet Food Recall Reporting Demonstrates Why Mainstream Media Is Losing Its Audience
United Dog, Social Network for Dogs, Launches and Signs 2,000 Members in a Week
Here’s Why Facebook Turned Down Yahoo’s $1Billion Takeover Bid
Hillary’s YouTube Mashup is Brilliant, and So Is Bill for First Lady.com
A Tale of Two Anti-Branding Campaigns – One Bites
Readers’ Top 100 Influencer List is Very Different From Time’s Top 100
Sony Wants to Cash In on High-Speed Culture With TV “Minisodes”
Hyundai-Sponsored Comedy Central Site Removes Insensitive Homeless Joke
Starbucks’ Expedition for Change Launches With Gather.com Cross-Promotion
Eric Kintz: Marketers Flopping in Second Life
Madison Avenue Needs a Lot More Than a Wakeup Call
Is Twitter a Fad? Like Blogging? Ha Ha!
Make Your Blog into a Blidget, I Did
Dell Takes a Step in the Right Direction With Dell Idea Storm
Hugh Macleod Proves That Love Really Is All There Is
PSFK Trends & Insights Conference Set for March 6th in New York
Swedish Newspaper Goes 100% Digital, Expecting Growth
Reasons Not to Bet on Second Life
Swedish Government Establishes First Official Second Life Embassy
Author Karen Quinn Offers Prizes To Those Who Spread the Word About Her Online Contest
Twitter: the Latest Addictive Social Media Tool
Daytipper Pays $3 Each for Peer-Rated Tips
What’s Next Blog’s 2007 Marketing Trends Predictions
Five Myths and Six Facts About Blog Advertising
iVillage Second Life Tour Descends Into Chaos
Forget Press Releases – You Tube Videos Are the Way to Distribute News
Two Ways to Learn More About Second Life
Quintura, a New Search Engine That Leaves the Big Guys in the Dust
Will Social Bookmarking Be Overtaken by Power Users?
Second Life Produces Its First Millionaire
Can Internet Talents Rescue TV Networks From Idiotic Reality Shows?
Hooray for Coke! Hooray for Consumer Generated Media!
How Web 2.0 Are You?
Will All Social Sites Join the Trend to Pay for User Generated Content?
HarperCollins Collaborative Contest a Landmark Social Media Event
Reuters Opens Virtual Bureau, With Real Bureau Chief, in Second Life
Real Life is the Latest Thing in Second Life
Where Is Online Going? Offline
Video Contests: Can All These Dogs Hunt?
Here Comes Veggievertising
Furor Over New Facebook Features is Ridiculous
Powers: Everyone’s a Media Critic
Social Media Sites Make Creating Contests Simple and Cheap(er)
Wall St Journal: Exxon Mobil PR Firm Behind “Inconvenient Truth” YouTube Spoof
Mel Gibson DUI YouTube Mashups Abound: Do Studios Care?
Greek Tragedy: From Blog to Book and TV Deal
Brian Williams Does Daily Video Blog on MSNBC
Why Pay Attention to Social Media? Because Companies Have No Choice
Mark Green Enlists His 22 Year-Old Son to Produce YouTube Channel
Is the Google Trademark at Risk of Too Much Success?
Mentos Turns Coke/Mentos Geysers Into Video Contest
Dan Rather to Join Mark Cuban’s HD Net. Eat Your Heart Out CBS. You Blew It.
Technorati Providing Featured Posts and Conversations for Al Gore’s MySpace Movie Blog
Coke/Mentos Videos: An Important Lesson for Every Brand
Al Gore and MySpace Team Up to Promote Climate Change Documentary. Rock On Mr. President!
Widgets Are a Phenomenal Marketing Opportunity – Get With the Program
Ethics Crisis Blog Nets Top Search Placement In Just a Week
Companies Need to Monitor Foreign Language Blogs — Or Else
My New Blog, Ethics Crisis, Launches Today
PR Newswire Offering Podcasts Beginning May 12. Will MSM Be Listening?
Starwood Hotels Launches “The Lobby” Blog
Pluck Syndicates Blog Content to Mainstream Media
Dear NY Times and Daily News: Stop Hiding Your Blogs
Vinyl Records Are Back. Everything Old is New Again
How Bout That Yankee Blog? And That Mets Blog?
What’s Next Blog: Reality Marketing
Is the Internet Fueling the End of Celebrity Fixation? You Bet!
Finding the Gold Standard in the Blogophony
BzzAgent’s Blah Blog About Spending $13.8 Million in VC Cash
ABC TV Rejects KFC Ad as Subliminal, Cuts Off its Nose to Spite its Face. Doh!
Fortune’s Dos and Don’ts for Corporate Blogs:What’s Next
What’s Next: The Design Train Manifesto
Enough With Pontificating Bloggers! Here Comes the Next Wave of Blogs
Sun-Sentinal: Blogs Are Big Business
Uber Blogger Steve Rubel Joins Edelman PR as Sr VP
Harold Burson Starts Unbloggy Blog
Who Says Blogs Don’t Make Money?
Two Terrible New Ways to Use Press Releases
Study: Internet Strengthens Social Ties. But You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet!
Yahoo Gives Up on Search, Concentrates in Web 2.0
Burger King Has a Girlfriend, and a New Viral
Google Video Store: The End of Commercials on TV?
Editorial Cartoonist Borgmann Blogs His Sketches and Notes
Survey: Only 2% of Execs Write Their Own Blogs. That’s Simply Dishonest!
Seth Godin Tells e-Consultancy His Top 5 2006 Predictions
Smart Six Apart Makes Hosting Deal With Yahoo! Small Business
Yahoo! Acquires Del.icio.us Tagging Site
Online Journalism Review: Blog Networks Helping Blog Advertising
MSM Discovers That Blogging is, Doh, a Business
NY Times Writer Astounded That Blogs Work for Corporate Marketing
Blogger Takes on NYT Chief Food Critic’s Fish Stories
Ad Tech NY: Blogvertising Opportunities
Marketing to Teens? One in Five Have a Blog
Yahoo! Video Search Demonstrates Increasing Role of Video Programming
Trend Forecast: Blogs Replacing Websites
Blog Battle of Search Titans Escalates
Google, Continuing Plan for World Domination, Brings RSS to the Masses
Who’ll Get Rich From AOL’s Buyout of Weblogs Inc? Not the Bloggers!
Warner Brothers to Launch Viral Campaign with Buzz Machine Blog Ad
Blog Publishing Hits the VERY Big Time With Denton/VNU Deal
MSNBC Features Citizen Journalist Coverage of Katrina
Tracking the Conversation Seed About the Impending Sale of Technorati
Sun on Blogging: Don’t Worry About it So Much
How IBM and Sun’s Corporate Blogging Policies Compare
NY Times: Blogs Are a Sea Change in Global Communication
NY Times Digital, Print Newsrooms to Merge
Jupiter CEO Blogs About Sale of Search Engine Strategies and ClickZ
Al Gore Invents Current TV, Interactive Cable Channel
iFulfill Owner Uses Blog to Chronicle Every Entrepreneur’s Nightmare, the Company’s Demise
Pheedo: RSS Getting More Mainstream
Vertical 3-D Advertising Pops Up in Four Manhattan Efforts
BBC News: Blog Is “Ideal News Resource”
CafePress Site Adds Tagging
Ex CNN Reporter Rebecca MacKinnon: English Language Blogs Have Narrow World View
NY Times: Major Advertisers Looking at RSS Feeds
Bayosphere to Institute Voluntary Honor Tags for Bloggers & Other Writers
Publisher Creates Book Ads That Work the Way People Shop Online
Sun’s Schwartz: Leaders Can’t Survive Without Blogs
NYC City Council Speaker Using Issue Websites, But a Blog Would Be Better. I’m Available to Help Miller and/or Mayor Bloomberg
NY Times and NY Daily News Add Columns About Blogging
Gallup Offers RSS Feeds Requiring Subscription for Full Content
MarketingVox Interviews Jib Jab Founder
Revenge of the Sith Fans Offered Blogs on Film Site
What’s Next Blog’s Successful Bloggers Interviews: Alice Marshall on How to Use a Blog to Get Clients
IBM Encourages Its 320,000 Employees to Blog; Issues Guidelines
Nike Creates Spectacular Integration of Marketing and Technology
Will New York Times Have the Balls to Take Major Steps to Enhance Credibility?
San Francisco Chronicle: How Blogs Help Small Businesses Promote Themselves
Will Business Week Blog Turn to Paid Sub?
New or Old Journalism — It’s Still About the Writing
Web Digest for Marketers Predicts Top 10 Trends for Next 10 Years
Misquoted in the Press, Fred Wilson Proposes a Dangerous Alternative: The Stealth Interview
New York Times Breaks Huffington Blog Story 18 Days After It Runs in Blogosphere
Broadcasters Losing Sleep Over Competition from Blogs
Investor’s Business Daily: Blogs Increasingly in Corporate Arsenals
Cookie Monster Becomes Veggie Monster
Perseus: 53.4 Million Scripted Blogs by Year’s End
Consumers Talking Back to Weblogs, Inc Interactive Ads
Warner Brothers Give Paris Hilton (Blecch!) a Podcast to Promote New Movie
FCC Holding Hearings on Proposed Blog Regulation
IAOC Blog Runs Week-Long RSS Seminar for Marketers
Wall St. Journal Still Not Understanding Blogs
Technorati and PubSub Disagree on the Number of Blogs Online
Blogads Survey: Blog Readers Older, Richer, More Influential Than Last Year
Wall Street Journal Extols Virtues of Business Blogging
Blogads’ Copeland Promotes Service With Envelope Pushing Ad Examples
NY Times Pays Fire Sale Price for About.com’s 500-Blog Network
Wall St. Journal Explains Tagging the Internet
Are GM’s Small Block and FastLane Blogs More Than a PR Gimmick? Stay Tuned
B.L. Ochman Named Editor of Whatsnextenmesh, a Parallel Universe Blog
Do More Women Blog Than Men? Probably Not
Newsweek Salutes The Alpha Bloggers
People Aged 55 and Up Driving Internet Growth
Companies Mine Blogs for Market Research
Ad Week Launches Ad Freak Blog
Madison Avenue Ponders the Potential of Web Logs. Will Suits Take Over Blogging?
Lab-Tested Blog Reviews Dog Stuff
Second Dog Shoots Man — Is It a Movement?
Self-Appointed Firefox Mozilla Evangelists Promote Browser
Oprah Show Car Giveaway Proves Again That PR Trumps Advertising
Couch Potato Videos Give Way to Dance Dance Revolution and Missed Blog Opportunities
Warner Brothers Records Makes Classic PR Mistakes Approaching MP3 Music Bloggers
Criagslist Will Surpass One Billion Pageviews This Month
Internet Week: Convention Bloggers Legitimized New Medium
Bloggers Bring Sea Change to Political Reporting
Blogger’s Convention Coverage Off to a Flying Start
Gawker Gets Down to It at the Dem Convention
Newman’s Own Organic Pet Food Enters $15 Billion Industry, Misses Online Marketing Opportunity
One in Four Uses Net to Seek News Traditional Media Doesn’t Cover
Bill Gates Said to Be Planning a Blog
Marvel Recreates Spiderman for Indian Market
Tom Peters Turns His Site Into A Blog – Sort Of
Blogging’s Impact on Traditional Journalism Growing
Nokia Launches Lifeblog Mobile Blog
Too Much Chocolate!
Survey: Consumer Ad Resistance Reaches All-Time High — PR Budgets Hurt
Burger King Has Fun With Subservient Chicken Viral Campaign
Novels Are The Newest Frontier for Product Placements
Cooperative Blog Started for Editors of Major Papers Worldwide
NYC Hospitals in Bed With Advertisers
Connecting To Customers With WiFi
Dean to Internet As FDR to Radio, JFK to TV
Potato Chips, Candy Bars and Software Now Available in Vending Machines
I Gotta Get a Food Simulator
Dell Creates Customer Service Caste System
Dancing Dogs