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madonna.jpgThe other day I wrote about MVine Records which just released the video of artist Hafdis Huld’s wonderful new single, ‘Tomoko. I asked them to send me the CD and they told me, “it’s only available on vinyl. If you still have a record player, we’ll send you the single.”
Do I have a record player honey? You bet! And my original Rolling Stones albums and one of the world’s best blues and traditional jazz collections of records.
For a long time, vinyl fans had to worry that we would no longer be able to buy needles for our turntables. Now you can buy a record player at every major chain. Probably even Wal-Mart.
Now I read Madonna, ever-trendy 47-year-old mother of two, is releasing three special-edition vinyl remixes in conjunction with her latest tour.
Then there’s the all-vinyl Vinyl Japan label. Vinyl is hot, hot, hot in Japan.
It’s a trend baby. Get with it. The Internet is going to spread this trend faster than you can say “new.” Posted by B.L. Ochman