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In episode 24 of the Beyond Social Media Show: Home Depot’s racist tweet; the controversy arising from the racism and bullying in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room; the backlash against YouTube’s new commenting system; Sephora’s product naming misstep; another example of a poor PR pitch; Flipboard’s shoppable magazines; Google Customer Surveys; some shiny new stuff and, of course, The Daily Numbers!

Beyond Social Media Show is a weekly, live 1/2 hour GooglePlus Hangout on Air where we discuss the best and the worst of social media each week, and tell you about shiny new objects you can use and stats you need to know.

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[1:00] BL OCHMAN – Home Depot deletes racist Tweet. Here we go again
The home improvement retailer tweeted an extremely offensive — and racist — photo from its official @HomeDepot account on Thursday, accompanying a promo for College GameDay, which it sponsors. Then they scrambled to apologize.

[4:00] DAVID ERICKSON – Richie Incognito & The Miami Dolphins Hostile Workplace
The very definition of a hostile work environment and yet fellow players came out in support of Incognito

[8:00 ] B.L. OCHMAN – Sephora pulls Offensive Lipstick
They called it Celebutard. And that pissed off a lot of people, particularly mothers of children with developmental issues.

[10:42] B.L. OCHMAN – Uh Oh! Did Google screw up with its new video comment policy?
You now have to have a GooglePlus account to comment on a YouTube video. We think it’s a smart move, but not everyone agrees, to say the least.

[14:42[ ALBERT MARUGGI – Email from hell – Albert gets an email that asks him a question, but the sending address is a Do Not Reply address. “This stuff can’t be made up” says Albert

[15:35] DAVID ERICKSON – PR Pitch from Hell: Dave gets an infographic suggestion from Sophia Loren (he he) to run an infographic about Mission Mars One on his blog. Huh?

[18:21] B.L. OCHMAN – – the Twitter feed of created by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, which makes the point with humor instead of lectures.

[19:36] DAVID ERICKSON – a new Google App Trades Free Google Play Content For Answering Surveys

[20:33] DAVID ERICKSON – Dave explains how Flipboard has begun to monetize with shoppable magazines.

[20:55] DAVID ERICKSON – Amazon is partnering with the US Postal Service for Sunday deliveries.

[21-20] B.L. OCHMAN Homeless veteran timelapse video – Videographer and storyteller Ron Bliss produced this video to help Dégagé Ministries get their word out on how they help homeless veterans. It focuses on the life-changing makeover of Jim Wolf, US Army veteran.

[23:38] B.L. OCHMAN – Conan O’Brien and the lady in the red hat – In his quest to get more followers on LinkedIn, Conan saw that Beth Kantner, who has more followers than he, was wearing a red hat in her profile photo.

He decided to Photoshop red hats on the photo of him with Presidents Roosevelt, Clinton and Bush that he uses in his profile.

Kantner was smart and immediately responded with a petition asking him to make a contribution to IGivingTuesday, a national day of giving on December 3rd.

[25:43] DAVID ERICKSON points out Washington Post’s Super Zips Map/Tool – Map/search tool that visualizes areas in the United States with the greatest density of high household incomes and college education

[25:50] DAVID ERICKSON – Buzz Sumo Twitter app for socially shared content and influencer discovery.

[25:49] ALBERT MARUGGI – Columbia Sportswear’s “What Knot to do in the greater outdoors app: knots you might not know, but could need

[27:37] B.L. OCHMAN tells us about a Baby Name picker app – thousands of baby names. Also a great source of names for your next dog or cat.

[28:10] Daily Numbers – Image characteristics that drive user behavior. Useful information about the type of photos that get the most likes.