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Don’t Believe the Hype Archives

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A cure for boring marketing and white paper detritus
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Occupy Wall St: citizen journalists and buggy whips
Apple makes buying the iPhone 4S a royal pain. FAIL!
No, QR Codes are not dead. But some of the stupid ways they’re used should be killed.
Want more Twitter followers? A Google+ invite? More Facebook Likes? They’re all for sale on eBay.
Uh Oh! Facebook blew it again on privacy. So what!
Google’s missing link: customer service. It has none.
Google+ mania: most pundits are missing the real point
CVS_Cares on Twitter: one of the Internet’s silliest moves. Perhaps ever.
In Defense of Social Media: it’s not dead, or dying
The only two questions you need to ask when you hire a social media agency or consultant
Facebook COO Sandberg, June 2010: “Email is probably going away”
With Olbermann suspension, journalistic objectivity, always an illusion, bites the dust
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The Top Six Reasons Companies are Still Scared of Social Media
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My Social Media Secret
Apple Silence on iPhone Issues Likely to Bite Its Ass
Business Week: Blogs are Opinion, Not Objective Reporting. Jeez!
The Formula for Successful Viral Campaigns. Not!
Denny’s Contest Has No Entries. Dear Denny’s: We Won’t Work for Food.
NY Times Just Can’t Bring Itself to Put CAAFlog Blogger Scoop in a Headline
Blog Council Says Feedback Schmeedback
Fake Steve Jobs: “At This Point Even I’m Sick of the iPhone”
ChemNutra, Importer Melamine-Tainted Pet Food Ingredients, Hires Two Crisis PR Firms and Starts “Blog”
New Yorker Hoses Edelman in Article on Wal-Mart PR
7 foot-9 man weds woman, 5’6″
Windows Fanatics: Vista Wow! Does Not Start Now
Temperature in Second Life: Hot, Hot Hot
Ford’s “Bold Moves” Isn’t Perfect, But It’s a Great Advertorial
Dear NY Times and Daily News: Stop Hiding Your Blogs
Chevy Gets the Picture Not!
Amanda Chapel: Fishing for Comments
Edelman Trust Report Finds Peer to Peer Profound
Forbes Article Reverses Its Blog Bashing Stance, Sort Of
Yahoo Gives Up on Search, Concentrates in Web 2.0
Are Blogs Worth Anything Without the Bloggers? Maybe
Adrants Rags on Subway’s Viral Spammers
Ketchum PR’s No Blog Policy: Lame, Lame, Lame!
The Marketing of the Iraq War Sucks
Ketchum PR Starts Ketchum Ideas Blog and Boy Is It Lame!
Seth Godin, The Stones and a Lie from Commerce Bank
New York City Leaders Need to Blog
PR Nightmare Brewing for Drug Makers as FDA Looks Into Blindness-Viagra Link
Cows Invading New York May 12 — Please! No Cowracter Blog
Irrational Blogguberance? You Bet! Blogs Are NOT The Answer to Every Marketing Question
Bloggers Propel a Dumb Mistake to Warp Speed
Milk Blog, a Shill for Special Interests, Claims ABC & USA Today Were Duped By Bogus Institute
Fake Pepsi Girl Blog….Yawn
Lo and Behold: Dell Showed Up! Here’s a Guide to Effective Complaining
Dell Tech Support Sucks
Dead-Tree Journalists Still Surprised at Blogs’ Reach and Impact
Dead-Tree Journo At Dallas Morning News Sounds Premature Death Knell for Blogging
Edleman Reports Old Trends in Trend Report, Steals Name From Trendwatching.com
Jesus Speaks Through Republicans: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid
Another Black Eye for Barnako
Gorgeous Example of PR Speak
U.S. Government Seeking PR Firm to Represent Iraq War
Clueless PR Pitch of the Week
Reagan Was No JFK
Consumer rage over iPod mini e-tailer sites
Misguided Marketing By Car Makers Tries to Rev Up SUV Sales

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