I'm B.L. Ochman,. a Fractional CMO, and I've been helping blue chip companies, agencies and associations incorporate new media into their marketing mix since 1996.

I'm an AI-literate multi-media content creator, live-stream event and podcast producer, journalist, ghost writer, social strategist and producer of socially shareable videos.

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I co-host and produce the award-winning weekly Beyond Social Media Show

I contribute to Ad Age Digital Next, Social Media Today and others. On Twitter, I'm @whatsnext.

Fun Archives

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YouTube star Zoella’s novel, “Girl Online” is instant best-seller
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Microsoft CEO’s Outrageous $Karma Raise Advice to Women, DIY Invisibility
Budweiser Puppy & KLM Dog #FAILs + StatSocial Demo
Photorealist Painter Ester Curini’s Solo Show Opens Oct 2 in NYC
AmEx ISIS re-brand goofs; Amazon gets Twitch; LEGO Female Scientists are gone
LEGO BrandJacked, HobbyLobby NewsJacked, Selfies Toasted [Video]
Netflix rocks branded content, Agencies resist G+, Starbucks pays tuition [VIDEO]
2014: Twitter bios show epic growth – to 297,897 – of self-proclaimed social media gurus
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Hermetically sealed couples, 3 Twitter #FAILS & a PowerPoint Killer [VIDEO]
Burger King’s Subservient Chicken resurrected (kind of)
Polymaths: “State of Infection” author Dr Michael J Frey
A non-profit benchmark study with a sense of humor
Coke’s Social Media Guard, AT&T’s Home Security & A Load Of Crap
Coca-Cola video mocking our social media addiction goes viral
Springsteen & Fallon Mock Christie’s Bridgegate in Hilarious “Born to Run” Parody
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Beyond Social Media Show: Worst QR Codes Ever; Google+ Helpouts Coming; Weiner weiners; stats you need, tools you can use
New Cali CowChat mobile app gives you a talking Cowvatar who can tap dance (& more!)
Beyond Social Media: Password Pills Make Your Whole Body the Password
Lone Signal lets you send a text message to space to try to reach extraterrestrials
Hallelulah! Offline Glass Prevents Cellphone Use in Bars & Restaurants
Adobe Creative Days Creates Real-Time Photoshop Bus Stop
Sport of Endorsement Bombing gains traction on LinkedIn
The coolest music video ever: Canadian astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station
Best new apps for business and fun: Go Comics, Making Photos Talk and a Vine Update
Kmart’s double entendre “Ship My Pants” ad goes viral, but also offends
Durex Fundawear Lets You Reach Out and (Really) Touch Someone
Cool Tools: PicMonkey Photo Editing
Another reason Ben & Jerry’s is cool (besides Chunky Monkey)
Oreo’s Superbowl win proves – clearly and sweetly – that money really can’t buy love
Brilliant! Facebook app lets you find someone to blame for giving you the flu
Google’s Zeitgeist 2012
“50 Shades of Chicken” You know you want it!
Lego: a company that doesn’t have to force customers to Like them on Facebook
The Onion Lampoons Social Media Gurus
Ben & Jerry’s Launches Brilliant LoMo #CaptureEuphoria Campaign on Instagram
Google’s tribute to Trekkies
Proposed Facebook Buttons
“Eternally Gluten-Free,” cookbook by 7th grader Dominick Cura, author, blogger & video producer
Top 7 reasons Twitter should hire B.L. Ochman
TEDx East 2012 – a mind-stretching experience
Social Media Gurus in 2062
Happy New Year!
Newt Gingrich punked by ignorance as www.newtgingrich.com becomes a joke – and I bought two more good ones!
Google Doodles salutes Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday
Gone fishing
gapingvoid advertising advice :>)
True Blood “Immortalize Yourself” Facebook App approaching eight million Likes! Am I the only one who thinks that’s scary?
Dairy Queen Mini-Blizzard Video Contest is Big Fun. Did it sell any ice cream?
How I got hooked on the marketing power of the Internet in 1996
Lessons from the 10 most viral brands of 2010
Client-Vendor Relationships: real world business examples
A Little Friday Magic for You – Hope and Cagney, Tap Dancing
Opera Company of Philadelphia “Flash Brindisi” Demonstrates Rule One of Viral Video – Be Delightful
Hey Old Spice and Time Warner! You were the laughing stock of social media week new york
SNL iPhone Joke Takes Pot Shot at AT&T Network Woes
Top Five Reasons Why Free is a Good Business Model & How We Plan to Use it to Retire Before We’re 90
People of Walmart – a runaway hit Wal-mart can’t (& shouldn’t) stop
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Global Shim Sham for Frankie Manning – You Just Can’t Stop the Lindy Hop
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Help Make We Made Frankie Manning’s Book an Amazon Best Seller on His 93rd Birthday, Saturday, May 26th
Lace Up Your Dance Shoes – New York’s First Annual Dance Parade is Saturday
Gone to the Yankees Game
Unusual Drug Side Effects
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Why Can’t We All Get Along?
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Internet: Do You Think It Will Catch On?
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Buddy the Surfing Dog From, Where Else, Ventura
Sleeping With the (Very Big) Fishes Tonight
Voting Brouhaha in Karen Quinn Contest Could Become Plot of Her Next Novel
Breaking news: President Bush plans to bring the troops home on JetBlue
Frankie Manning: “Dancing is Falling in Love”
The Fred Astaire of Horses Dances For You
Author Karen Quinn Offers Prizes To Those Who Spread the Word About Her Online Contest
Geriatric Sue Teller Gets Her Crunk On for Mountain Dew
Freakin’ French Fries
Go Get Elfed
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Nah. Remind Me in a Few Months.
Playing Hookey Today, See You Tomorrow
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Frankie Manning Dance Class
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Post-Pluto Mnemonic Contest Winners Announced
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The Quote Whore – More Honest Than Many Publicists
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I’m Hosting an NYC Stormhoek Dinner for Non-Drinkers
Sexy St Louis Wants to See Your Nuts
Top Six Reasons You Should Vote for John Seminerio
Playing Hooky Today, Again
A New Idea for Setting Up Computers
I Miss Monica: Dean Friedman’s Love Song to Lighter News
Mentos Turns Coke/Mentos Geysers Into Video Contest
Promo for Canadian College of English Rocks
Happy 92nd Birthday to Frankie Manning, King of Swing Dance
Widgets Are a Phenomenal Marketing Opportunity – Get With the Program
While My Ukelele Gently Weeps
Look Out You Tube, Here’s Moo Tube
Nationwide’s Life Comes at You Fast Puts Your Name, etc. in Lights.
Top Google Results on “Chevy Tahoe” Net Negative Ads
Google: Happy Birthday Joan Miro
Here Comes The Easter Bunny. Hide the Children
You Know You Spend Too Much Time Online When….
Sick of Pontificators? Join the Club
Jib Jab Releases Hip Hop Passover Tribute to Matzazh
Scientist: Let Cows Be Cows
Microsoft 1978: Would You Have Invested?
It’s Hard to Hang Out With Tomoko
Tasteful Pins and Buttons Available at ITMFA
Blogfinder (Beta). Har!
Burger King Lets Message Control Go and Wins Big
Dilbert on Tech Support
Winterfresh Gum Campaign: Funny, Weird and Pointless
Frankie Manning, 91, Celebrates Birthplace of the Lindy Hop With 400 Dancers
Instant PR Pitch Button for Flacks Now Available
Dog Day: Lexington Ave, New York City
Men’s Girdle Market Expanding in Japan
Steve’s Outfit: Click Here to Sue
What’s Next: Three Ball Symphony
A Valentine Gift for Procrastinators and Poets Alike
A Great Night for Snow Angels
Talk About Dell Hell
Jagger Holds the Power at Super Bowl Half-Time. Don’t Let Us Down Mick!
An Ironic Juxtaposition
Friday Afternoon Sillies
Jib Jab Joke Box Email Joke Repository in Invite-Only Beta
Santas Are Podcasting and Blogging
RSS Breakthrough, Just in Time For XMas Giving
A Perfect Way to Go….
Up Your Budget Declares Re-Match in San Diego
Tillie, World’s Pre-eminent Dog Artist, Needs a Blog!
Blogs: Bad for Employers, Great for Marketers
Budget Launches Blog-Based Up Your Budget 16-City Treasure Hunt
What Dogs Know
Woof! Mets Host Dog Night at Shea Stadium
Digifeld Salutes the 13th Birthday of King Samson de SoHo
Simply Fired is Viral Brainchild of Simply Hired
David Pogue Pokes Fun at Podcasting and Explains Its Possibilities
Viral or Unemployed Programmer?
CNET: Top 10 Web Memes of Past 10 Years
The Master List of Wise Things to Say on a Blog
Store Wars Latest Flash Activism From Free Range Studios
Happy 91st Birthday to the Great Frankie Manning, The King of Swing
Revenge of the Sith Fans Offered Blogs on Film Site
Write Your Own Bush Caption
Wow! A Marathon Blog Education Week
Pizza for Fifty Bloggers at Geek Dinner
Hugh Macleod Issues Four Limited Edition Cartoon T-Shirts
Blink O Rama Blog Devoted to Blinks of the Famous
Spring in Central Park, On Flickr
Urban Story Tellers, The Moth, Need a Blog
“Passover Greeting” Cartoon Video Aims to Sell Books
Listen Up Microsoft and Apple: Abbott and Costello Buy a Computer Rings Waaaay Too True
Hilary in Can’t Wait for 2008 Spoof Video
iPod Headphones Suck
The Easter Parade
The Elephants Are Here! Circus Opens Tomorrow
Crackers and Other Online Gates Parodies Turn Viral
A Cool Blogging T-Shirt
Judy Vorfeld’s Digifeld Transforms My Photos of The Gates
Gates: People Love Them or Hate Them
CBC Kvetching Shoot Went Great
Rent-A-Kvetch Rides Again on CBC — Book Deal Needed
Necco Conversation Hearts Sport Strange Sayings for V-Day 2005
Elvis’ Fashion Muse Was Captain Marvel Jr.
Come to Dinner on January 21, 2005
Blogs For Christmas – A Way Cool and Free Gift
B.L. Ochman Named Editor of Whatsnextenmesh, a Parallel Universe Blog
My Menorah by American Comedy Network Spreads Holiday Cheer Virally
Pale Male’s Love in the Afternoon Video
ConferenceBike, A Great Idea Crying Out for a Blog
Bush Yoga Combines Political Spoof with Voter Registration Drive
Web is Awash in Political Spoofs As Election Day Approaches
Cheney’s Blunder Drives Traffic to Soros’ Anti-Bush Site
Votergasm: Bribing Non-Voters With Sex
Christo Central Park “Gates” Project Needs A Blog
Attention Agents: Jeremy’s the Zelig of the Diaper Set
Satan for Bush — One of the Best Political Ads Yet
Why You Should Always Pay Attention to Details
Couch Potato Videos Give Way to Dance Dance Revolution and Missed Blog Opportunities
Paris Hilton Calls For End to Swift Boat Flap
Robosapien: Cool Robot, Dreadful Web Site That Needs a Blog
This Little Piggy Went to Amazon
Cat Slacking Off
National Orgasm Week Promoted By Ann Summers With Viral Video
Arlo Guthrie Says Dad, Woody, Would Love Jib Jab’s “This Land Is Your Land” Parody
PR Coup As Michael Moore Sings “America The Beautiful” On Tonight Show
Cuddle Parties Rule No. 7: No Dry Humping
Fake Bill Clinton Blog Is a Hilarious Parody
“This Land” Cartoon Provides Equal Opportunity Offending and Laughs
Dreadful Press Release of the Week
I Need a Vacation
Kids Get to Try Out Grownup Jobs at Wannado Park
Mysteriously, Marketing’s Missing for Marvel, Sony & Spite Your Face’s Spiderman Short
Sam’s in the Daily News Today, But The Quote’s Left Out
President Bush Sends My Dog A Victory 2004 Membership Card
Hey Burger King — Give the Subservient Chicken Something to Do and Can Ugoff!
Burger King’s Ugoff Is Hungry. He Ain’t No Subservient Chicken.
Microsoft Co-Founder Funds First Private Space Trip — Because He Can
Marvel Recreates Spiderman for Indian Market
Danier Leather To Break Very Cool TV Ad
Dems Mount Kick Bush Back to Crawford Flash Game
I, New York
Rowenta Sponsors Extreme Ironing Sport and Website
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing
Wizmark: Making Peeing Fun
Andy Borowitz: White House Response Shocker
Queen Elizabeth Provides Brilliant PR for Skewbald Horses
Loony Reality Show in Cetnral Park Tree
Is This a Great City or What?
Burger King Has Fun With Subservient Chicken Viral Campaign
Bob Dylan Is In Lady’s Underwear and Wine
White House Economic News
Virgin Atlantic to Use Hypontherapists Onboard and Butterflies to Carry Ads
Woooo Hoooo! The Sexy Beast is Back
Publisher Pays $1.25 Million for “Dog Biscuit”
Comedian Has Another Reason to Support Kerry
Bill Maher: Lay Off Rumsfeld and His 9/11 Memento
WD40 Fan Club Details Product’s 2000 Uses
Parodies Spoof Celebrity Trial Sites
Lying Dubya Doll Launched By FraudCo
The Last Supper That You Eat