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Well, so much for my love song to iPod. The trademark white iPod headphones suck. They pop out, hurt my ears and don’t sound too great either. Apparently, Sony is doing very well selling replacement a replacement in-the-ear headset which I bought yesterday for a mere $40. MusicCritic experts love them and they’re nicely designed to fit on the back of your neck instead of getting caught in your collar all the time like the iPod headset.
And check this out — they charge $10 more for the white ones — the ones that say “please rip me off, this white headset coming out of my ears is the my $350 iPod.” No thanks, I chose anti-fashion black. I don’t want to be a walkingiPod billboard.
But I sure do love having my music with me all the time. And the way it gets right into your brain when your headsets really fit. People do look at you a little funny when you break into dance on the subway platform, especially since they can’t see the black headset wires. But so what. They’ll think I’m crazy and leave me alone.
Goodbye troubles, I’m grovin….