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The_Crackers.jpgIt had to happen: Gates parodies online.
The Crackers is a gift to New York by Jane and Hanstein Cunniffe, who say “The crackers is as much a gift to New York as it is a tasty snack.” The cost, $2.50 was “borne exclusively by the artists,” who spent 26 minutes on the project. The Crackers, the artists say, is “entirely for profit.”
Gates_hargo.jpgAnd there’s also Somerville Gates: The Anti-Christo, made for $3.50 during the Westminster Dog Show. They took pictures, posted them on a Web site and sent the link to 30 friends by e-mail. Within 24 hours, the site had 99,000 hits. Sadly, they took this one down “when the cleaning lady came.”
via Morry Galonoy