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conference_bike.jpgConferenceBike needs a moblog to chronicle the adventures of the bikers, and, I bet, sell a bunch of bikes.
Eric Staller invented the tricycle pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle. One person steers and everyone is free to pedal or not as the bike moves along. This reminds me of something about a month ago, I was looking at this mobility scooter that was long enough to carry 6 individuals. The guy had a problem putting it in a mobility scooter carrier behind the truck.

The website, which has a cool movie of people riding around on ConferenceBikes, says it’s a tool for corporate team building in London, a way for the blind to bike in Dublin, and a way for senior citizens to exercise in New York City.
Staller also created the Bubbleheads tricycle, always seen in New York’s annual Hallowen Parade, with four riders dressed in black and wearing lighted spheres over their heads.
ConferenceBike sells for US$11,400.