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drue-svetlozar-aboomba.jpgDrue Kataoka of Valley Zen, one of the most delightful and creative people I know, is getting married to Svetlozar Kazanjiev, the founder of a stealth mode startup. They didn’t want to “drag everyone through the same old routine of the traditional wedding registry…so we said — what if we created a registry with no tangible items, only virtual ones.” And that’s how The World’s First Startup Wedding Registry! was born.
The registry, Drue says, is a tongue-in-cheek look at the toils of starting a silicon valley company. They want to make their guests laugh, “since all of them are entrepreneurs/ VCs/startup lawyers/academics involved in the valley.”

No blenders, frying pans or champagne glasses here! Instead, you can feed an engineer, or Tim Draper; give someone health insurance for a week; pay a month of utility bills for someone who’s starting a start-up, and add your own ideas too.
I don’t want to spoil any of the wonderful surprises Drue and Svetlozar have planned – like their social media wedding cake. And i certainly would never tell you what the always fabulous Drue will wear.
Congratulations to two wonderful people. I met them online. Natch.